At least one-third of North American Transgender women have HIV/AIDS.

Within Canada, there is a lack of HIV/AIDS organizations that offer inclusive service and outreach for Transgender and Gender-Variant Canadians; the majority of programs focused on HIV/AIDS treatment, prevention and education still target cisgender gay men. Transgender and Gender-Variant Canadians are rarely–if ever–included in research or policy decisions, essentially making their needs and risks invisible.

The reality is that HIV/AIDS services for Transgender and Gender-Variant people–particularly Transgender women, potentially one of the largest groups at risk–are not receiving provincial funding. While groups providing HIV/AIDS have made progress in officially welcoming Transgender Canadians, in practice there is a lack of funding, resources and training to be truly inclusive. And while there are clinics available to service many specific identities within the LGBTQ2+ community, there are none that specifically address Transgender and Gender-Variant needs or operate out of areas in Vancouver where those populations live.

To see more inclusive services and support aimed specifically at Transgender and Gender-Variant Canadians living with HIV/AIDS, people are encouraged to reach out to their elected representatives to demand that funding be allocated to support these members of our community.