After coming out, Transgender and Gender-Variant Canadians experience barriers to gaining and keeping employment.

Employment can be an incredibly tenuous situation for many Transgender and Gender-Variant Canadians, particularly once they begin to transition. Discrimination and lack of legal protections under British Columbia’s Human Rights Code mean that people can experience workplace harassment and termination, putting them at a severe economic disadvantage–they may be faced with homelessness and the lack of steady income means that appropriate healthcare becomes that much more difficult to find. Often they’re put into dangerous situations simply to survive.

Despite this, there are no government employment programs geared towards supporting Transgender and Gender-Variant Canadians, and people wishing to support the Transgender and Gender-Variant communities are encouraged to speak to their elected representatives and express the need for them. Additionally, people can become advocates in their own workplace, encouraging the development of policies to ensure the safety and respect for Transgender and Gender-Variant co-workers and patrons.